Delete range do not work when used multiple times

Hi, I have a problem to get several “Delete range” Excel activities in a row to work. The reason for using several after each other is to achieve a filtering function. I am using 5 “Delete range” activities in a row, each deleting a different “part” of a Excel range. However, only the first one is working, the other ones do not delete the range they are supposed to.

Any idea why this happens?

Can you Please send your xaml for better understanding


Welcome back to the uipath community.

Could you please take screenshot of your workflow and show me. So that we can check and help you.

Process.xlsx (10.1 KB)

I think the easiest way is to show what I want to achieve, the xaml file reqires multple files and screenscraping.

The starting point of the problem is that I have scraped a table from the screen. The table shows the progress of a train journey. In the table the progress steps are in one row under the other. I need then in a row.

An ( I thought) easy way to do that is to write in the table four times after each other, and then deleting
the top row of each “part” of the table, shifting cells up. That will result in a perfectly aligned journey table row.

See attached Excel sheet showing step by step.

The first “Delete range” works, the two next does not. They are not deleting anything at all.

If you delete the specific range of cells in the excel, then usually the excel range will vary, so it won’t recognize the range you have provided, this is just a thought that you are missing here, not sure if you are taking this into consideration @wwls

No, that I did not consider, and it solved the problem. Thanks!!

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