Delete Queue Item from Queue using UiPath activity with status Successful or Failed

I want to know how to delete specific queue item from the queue using UiPath activity with status Successful or Failed.
I try Delete Queue Items activity but this activity is only for Queue items with New Status and i want to delete Queue items with status Success or Failed.

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Hi @zeshanm9
queue item and transaction is different one, and when the queue item is added to the queue, only when its processed it is considered as transaction, and a queue item which is still in NEW status so called as not yet processed, and not faced yet with any transaction,
Only when a transaction occurs for a queue item, the status gets changed to IN PROGRESS.
Unless a queue item of status NEW gets changed to any status, it can be removed directly from studio with DELETE QUEUE ITEM…but if it gets changed with any transaction status like IN PROGRESS, FAILED OR SUCCEEDED it cannot be deleted buddy. That too the one in IN PROGRESS will alone get into abandoned stage if its not processed for 24 hours…but wont get deleted again…has a difference know
But all the status after transaction can be removed if we want but not from studio rather from ORCHESTRATOR…by just selecting the queue item and click remove

Thats all, so we cannot delete the queue item…no…the transaction item once it has failed or succeeded with status marked directly from STUDIO

Hope this would help you
Cheers @zeshanm9

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Ok very clear answer thank you :+1:
Can you please answer tjis question too if you have idea about this because i want to delete the queue item because of this case that it should come again in the dispatcher.

I have mentioned buddy @zeshanm9
in that topic
Hope that would help you
Kindly try that and let know buddy @zeshanm9

So be able to remove all new Queue Items that weren’t processed in my W/F during initialization, directly from Studio, Please suggest what I need to provide in the Input field?
I used a dictionary variable Config through out my entire project. this variable stored all details from Config.xlsx that had Queue details from Orchestrator. But I am clueless on how to access all QueueItems from Orchestrator with New Status to delete them here in single shot.

Do you managed to clear all new item in orchestrator? if yes, please advise … am also looking for this solution. Thanks

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Hi,@palaniyappan as you said once status changed to in progress,successful or failed it cannot be removed directly from studio ,i got deleted transaction item which is successful but unable to delete “in progress”.