Delete file being used by another application! Frustrating

Hi guys,
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I am using PDF Activities from BelaRava to split the pdf. Sometimes it generates an extra page which is corrupted can not be opened with adobe.
When I try to delete that file it gives me error is being used by another application. This happens also when i try to move it. No application is using it and I can delete it manually.
Very frustrating.
Any suggestions ?


Hey @hurmet.noka

May be it’s due to split activity not releasing it.

Try killing the pdf based processes.


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I did, it did not work.
PDF based processes which are what ?

You need to check in the task manager once.

Okay but you are trying to split the PDF ?

Could you please explain your business case in this !


Hi @hurmet.noka

Kill the process by process ID not by process name

try this code:

processes.allprocesses.where(Function(x)“AcroRd32” and x.username=Environment.currentuser).select(Function(x) x.processid)

use the process id parameter to kill the process

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Nived N