Delete field value highlighted by Ctrl + F

Hi All,

I have a very simple requirement. The screenshot shows a webpage with ediatble “UPC” fields. Currently we sometimes delete duplicate UPC’s by manually searching with Ctrl + F and deleting the highlighted field.

What I am looking for is the method to search and delete using Ctrl + f in UiPath. I know that Ctrl + F can be invoked using send hotkey option. But what I want to understand is how to do the remaining part of deleting the highlighted cell value?

How can i do this with UiPath?


This can be done in multiple ways.

Extract entire table in DT.
Loop and find list of values that have more than one occurance and store in array.
i.e, for each row DT,
for each row DT
if found duplicate && not in duplicateArray already
add to duplicateArray

duplicateArray will contain only those duplicates whihc we need to remove.

For each entry in duplicate Array,

You can use CTRL + F , and use Type Into or select and type blank on the identified text box by using click, type etc activities.


I want a specific approach to clear the field that will be highlighted by the CTRL + F operation.
I dont want approaches for any of the other steps.

Only thing I want is the step to select and delete the field that will be highlighted by Ctrl + F.

Please give a specific single approach to achieve this.

Hi @thejwal_pavithran

Based on Ctrl +F you can even try using del based on send hot key or use Data Scrapping