Delete Empty Rows and Arrange DataBase as Table


I have an extracted Data base from Web (Using OCR Functionality ) and I got the following in *.txt file :
1 Jeff Bezos
$131 billion

2 Bill Gates
$96.5 billion

3 Warren Buffett
$82.5 billion

4 Bernard Arnault
$76 billion

5 Carlos Slim
$64 billion

6 Amancio Ortega
$62.7 billion

7 Larry Ellison
$62.5 billion

8 Mark Zuckerberg
$62.3 billion

9 Michael Bloomberg
$55.5 billion

10 Larry Page
$50.8 billion

How to arrange this Database , so that I will en d up with Data Base as Table in Excel Sheet as follows :


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@hsendel if you don’t mine can you share the text file.

Sure!!! But seems upload feature don’t accept *.txt file, I have share the same in xlsx format :slight_smile:TheWorld’sBillionaires.xlsx (10.0 KB)

hi , do you find any solution ?

Not Yet :roll_eyes:

I made small wf on your requirement. it is clumsy apologies for will get idea for it. please let me know if any improvement is needed as i am (22.5 KB)

changing column sequence please refer-How to change the datatable column sequence

Well done Tushar, There was only a missing write range activity after generate Data Table and works perfectly :slight_smile:

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