Delete duplicate entry but sequence is different

I want to remove duplicate row form datatable.
In image , for ex. 2nd and 3rd row has the same data in all column but in last cell date sequence are changed because of that duplicate row activity wont work.

There is a work around, see if it works for you

  1. Make a copy of the sheet (say Sheet2)
  2. In Sheet1 delete (clear) the date column, find & delete duplicates
  3. Using vlookup b/w Sheet1 & Sheet2, update date column of Sheet1

Can you share your workflow?
Maybe try making a for each, look for duplicates and then deleting by index?

Main.xaml (45.5 KB)
Sample Data.xlsx (10.7 KB)

Hi Matiasarr,
thanks for looking into this . PFA. i want only one entry with merge data

Hi, you can try checking if the they have the same data in the rows from A to G.
Then if they are duplicated save that index and remove by Index.

Thanks for the idea.I have to try it.