Delete certain after one condition


I want to dlete all the rows below after some condition

SLNO HSN Code SkuCode Description EAN/UPC Code
1 3305 167782 kk 167782
2 3307 263758 hh 8.90298E+12
3 3307 263764 ss 8.90298E+12
4 3307 263767 pp 8.90298E+12
5 3305 40008462 kk 8.90298E+12
6 3305 40106417 iii 8.90298E+12
7 3305 40160475 pp 40160475
Total (count)7
Buyer Name
Buyer Signature

Here i want a condition when serial number is empty it should delete all the rows below to it.

I tried using filter datatable but it is not working

kindly help us.

lets assume that Buyer Name, Buyer Signature is value of SLNO column.


give a try on filter datatable activity the settings below

as an alternate we can do it with the help of LINQ / Index retrieval and will help you on this in case of the filter datatable approach was not working

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Try the following workflow, hope this solves your need!!
Isnumeric.xaml (7.7 KB)

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Thanks @kantheshm and also thanks too @ppr both are working.

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DT=DT.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(r) (r(0)).tostring.IsNumeric ).CopyToDataTable
i have seen this expression could you please explain this condition what is AsEnumerable

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