Delete blank row after last entries in excel

I have an excel like this

There is a problem when I try to upload the file to the system, the system gave an error because there is a blank row (but there is a value (row 12 and so on)) so the system show error

Is there any way to delete the row below the last package id (A11)?

Hello @Fauzan_Marantama,

you can try this two approach.

First approach is to use query where
first clone the datatable using assign activity
where datatable = datatable.clone
in second assign
datatable =“columnname <> ‘’”).CopyToDataTable()

2nd approach is to use filter datatable.


here in column give your column name.

I’m interested on the 2nd approach

if Im use filter datatable to delete the empty row, how can i keep the second row? because the 2nd row are needed despite it’s a blank row