Delete at empty folders


I want to delete the empty folder which is in folder of folder of folder.can u give any solution for that.?


Can’t you just use the Delete activity. Works for files or folders



Hi @Navyareddy,

dirPath="D:\Arivazhagan\New Folder"
in If condition check the folder is empty or not.
If(Directory.GetFiles(dirPath).Length == 0 && Directory.GetDirectories(dirPath).Length == 0)

If return true Use Delete activity to delete the folder.


How to check if the folder is empty or not?

Thank You, But before that i want to get all folders in folders and sub folders also.Actually I have a new file directory ,in that 4 folders ,again each folder having 5 folders ,those are empty so i want to display all those first and then delete those 5 folders…can u help me?


Hi @Navyareddy,

private static void processDirectory(string startLocation)
    foreach (var directory in Directory.GetDirectories(startLocation))
        if (Directory.GetFiles(directory).Length == 0 && 
            Directory.GetDirectories(directory).Length == 0)
            Directory.Delete(directory, false);

Use code like this to delete all empty folder inside sub folders also.



it shows expression error in if condition.


What error you are getting


HI @Navyareddy,

you can refer the below post.



Thanks a lot it worked for me… thank you so much for the fast replay.