Delete activity - File - ILocalResource field


In new Delete File/Folder activity, we have new field, File which expects ILocalResource type input.

Can anyone please give example or guide on what exactly should be given as input in this field?


You can use path exists activity which would give the output of type ilocalresource and that can be used as input for this activity

Reference to path exists is the output parameter where you can get this output in path exists


also check the used version of UiPath.System.Activities and maybe upgrade. In newer versions it came back and supports the filepath again

Thanks for your reply. As much as I remember Path exists activity gives boolean output.
Is there any update regarding output type of Path exists activity too?
If yes, can I have the package version please.

Thanks for the inputs. Sure will check and maybe it will help.


Path Exists will give you two outputs…one for boolean other for ILocalResource…from the time the new delete activity is introduced this has been there… It was done keeping in mind the studio web where local paths are not used


Understood, well thanks for this. Will check and update.

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