Delete activity, but keep underlying activities


Dont you just hate it when you have a useless sequence as the main sequence and can’t remove it easily. Right here I want to have the Flowchart as the main sequence.

For that to happen I have to:
1 Save the flowchart somewhere else
2 Delete the Sequence here
3 add a new Flowchart
4 Copy all activities that I have saved to the new Flowchart
5 Copy all the variables to the new flowchart
6 Hope I did it all good in one go

What if we have a function that can delete an activity but keep underlying activities:

You can try this: right-click on the Flowchart and click “Remove Surrounding Sequence”. But it won’t work if the sequence you want to remove is the “main”.

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I think the better way to phrase this suggestion would be a way to convert the type of the main file from one to another, correct?

I am not sure if this is really needed though, as you should simply decide on the desired type of file before you start your development.

Last resort could also be deleting the bits of the outer sequence via a text editor in the XAML file and then opening it again (however, if it is not immediately obvious to you how, you should not attempt tinkering with the XAML files on your own as it can lead to unexpected errors).

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