Delay Replacement

We have to download file from website but because of network issue it will take time to download file …here we are using delay activity but if there is network issue it will start running next process before downloading file…

  1. You can have a check in the downloaded folder that if the file exist that means the Download is complete , then only Process he next step.

  2. Look for an element or Image that appears only when download is complete , use that item in Element exist / on element appear - If true - continue the next step


@Gauri_Rawool Use “on Element appear” activity and indicate on Downloaded file and adjust some selectors


For this you can do with File change Trigger activity

From the File change Trigger Activity property place your File Name and path of the File name and Change type to All.

So it will wait until the file is created

Hope this helps



but download folder have multiple files with same name but different date wise data.

@Gauri_Rawool While downloading the file does it show the download status?

In that case , you can Keep a count - If count of files is increased by 1 , that means File is downloaded . basically you have to look for an indiactor that comes only when file is downloaded . It can be Number of files in folder or any popup that says download complete.


Which activity can you share the workflow.


Check the details of the activity