Delay of 5 seconds in clicking 'OK' button on desktop application

Hello, I am encountering the following issue.

I am trying to automate a process to search for an item within a desktop application. Basically what it does is that it will auto key in a string of numbers into a field. After clicking the ‘search’ button, if the item does not exist, the system will pop up a message box with the ‘OK’ button. I noticed the robot takes around 5 seconds to click on the ‘OK’ button. I am using the mouse click activity to automate the clicking on the ‘OK’ button. The TimeoutMS is set to 0. The WaitForReady is set to None. The SimulateClick checkbox is checked.

I also tried using the Send Hotkey activity with the special key [enter]. The response time is around 5 seconds as well.

I am just wondering if there is a way to speed up this process from 5 seconds to immediate response. The response time in clicking the rest of the buttons within the desktop application are ok, except for this message box with the ‘OK’ button.

Any advice for this situation?


play around with these, see if it makes a difference


Hi Gabriel

Thanks for the information. Have played with the 3 options in the WaitForReady property, but still having the same result. Surprisingly, I have to play around with the cursor positions to make it work.