Delay in the starting of the process

Hi everyone!
I am working in a project where currently is having the next problem. We have a high density configuration with two machines and several robots in each machine. The problem is that when we send a process to one of this robots it takes about 2 minutes and 15 seconds to start the process, no matter how simple the process is. In he orchestrator We can see that once the process is launched it has the following status:

  1. Pending ±3’’
  2. Running - “Waiting for execution to start…” ±50’’
  3. Running - “Job started processing” ±1’20’’

We have connected our onw pcs as robots and launched the same processes and It takes about 5’’ to the processes to start.
Then We could say that there are conectivity problems between the orchestrator and our robots but the strange thing is that when the process status has changed to running(3’') automatically in the robot console of the robot the process figure as relesead as in the image below.(ProcesoHola_Desarrollo)

So what could be the problem that is delaying the start of the process in our robots?
Thank you again in adavance :slight_smile:

The delay is only for the first run ? or every time ?

I think something is blocking the transfer between orchestrator and that machine (e.g. defender, antivirus, etc).

It was in every case.
Now It is solved, the problem was that in the robot machines there were problems of firewall, some ports weren’t opened.
Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:


I have the same issue, but I also have it when I’m running directly on the robot PC.
Which ports need to be open in the firewall?


Here is that information in the guides.