Delay in reading Outlook messages

Hi all
I am using Get Outlook Mail messages to read emails from my mailbox and downloading the attachments. Then, I use these attachments as the Transaction item and proceed. If I kick off the process immediately after an email is received, it ends saying “Process finished due to no more transaction data” but there are emails in the inbox. However, if I kick off the same process again(without any changes) or wait some time after the email is received(this is really long nearly 5 mins and different every time) it runs through successfully. Is there anything that could be done to avoid this and make it run the first time?

Any advise to mitigate this issue is highly appreciated


Hi @Ilakkiya

First of all, when an email is received move it to another folder, then use Get Outlook Mail Messages activity to read it from a certian folder.
I hope this will help you to solve your problem.

Hi @wusiyangjia

Thanks for the reply. Should that moving be done manually or put a move mail message activity?Because Move mail message activity should also read from the inbox in the first place which is the issue here. Please clarify what action should I take.
Note: The emails are already moved to a specific folder using Outlook rules.