Delay in Email for Microsoft Exchange


Currently in our test and prod environment, we are experiencing some difficulties with Microsoft Exchange, which we are using to scan through the Bot’s email inbox for the two factor authentication code. In the development environment, this activity happens pretty much instantaneously, but in test/prod orchestrator this activity usually takes 5-10 minutes, which by that time the code received has expired.

We are using the same exchange server and the machines are in the same network server.

Any thoughts on what is causing this delay or how to resolve would be much appreciated.

Are you using the same mailbox in the development environment and test environment?
Try fetching the mail by using some filter conditions. Another option is to setup a rule in exchange to move the authentication mail to a specific folder and read it from that.

Same exchange server. We tried a new folder and that did not work either. Email needs to go through Orchestrator as that is the nature of the client environment in test and prod

I don’t understand that. Why do you need to take it through Orchestrator?