Delay after property in click activity is not working

Hello guys!

I gave a delay of 2000ms inside click activity’s delay after property. After a delay it should extract data from a table.

But It didnot continue, like it stopped forever.

When i used “delay” activity by dragging from activity panel, it continued and executed successfully!

Is it a known UiPath bug? What could be the reason behind this strange behaviour?

Hi @ydash999

You need to give that in “seconds” not in “ms”


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My bad! In modern click it takes in second, but i had given 2000 instead of 2.Thanks a lot !

Hi @ydash999

The default delay time after click activity is 0.3 seconds. If you are giving in milliseconds change and give in seconds format. Check the below image for more understanding.

Hope it helps!!

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Yah bro. it was a silly mistake :grinning: Thank you!

Thank you @ydash999

Happy Automation!!

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