Delay activity issue

We are downloading file from website …but file size is big thats why it taking more time for download we are using delay activity by giving time but some time the file size is small …and sometimes network issue file taking more time to download …but process proceed for next process…without wait to downoad file…we require after sucessfully download it will process for next step

Use directory.getfiles in the folder location where you are downloading the file(This gives the file names available in the folder).Use “for each” and match the filenames with the downloaded filename. Use “path exists” activity where you need to mention filename that you are downloading…The output of path exists should be the condition of while loop,so it waits till it finds the downloaded file.Hope this helps

Thanks …but we have many files in download with same …

You got to delete or rename the previous files after download.Or download it to a specific location.The above method of verifying works well if you are working with shared drives/slow networks

If you are using the IE and the Download complete comes in the Bottom layer, then you can use Flowchart with decision and Loop it till it ends.

we are using chrome.

@Gauri_Rawool I guess @Benone.Samuel.India has the Solution, I don’t think files can have the same name, there might be a bit difference :sweat_smile:

See the screenshot same file name …

@Gauri_Rawool You have (1) as a difference :sweat_smile:

but 1 is changing everytime …how we know what number is coming…

@Gauri_Rawool Do you Get a Save As window when Downloading?

no…we didnt get…

@Gauri_Rawool Can you go to your Chrome Browser Settings and Change the Downloads Option in Advanced Section , Enable “Ask Where to Save Each File After Download”, In this way , you can rename the Downloaded file and check for that or Copy the Name existing and check if that File Exists

@Gauri_Rawool Remane the file before saving. Use a datetime stamp with the filename if you are continuosly downloading files.
check the existance of new file usinth path exits will confirm completion.