Defining Application Path in Orchestrator Assets/Config.xlsx

Hello There,

I was following the Level-3 course on Academy, where I first need to create a queue and push to orchestrator and fetch the items into a REFramework File as transactions for processing

I was stuck at defining the Application Path inside initAllApplications.xaml, where a property to open the UiDemo.exe needs to be defined. The instructions say that the path should not be hard-coded but didn’t say how else to do? Please see the attached pdf Page 6.

Where and how should I indicate the value for the application path?

d86948730787ecbf217dd641993c919118e3524d.pdf (614.8 KB)

Appreciate your help

Hi @Hara_Gopal ,

Just in the next point, you can see the it’s said that path should be mentioned in config.xlsx file in Assets sheet.

yes but it is still hard-coding right ?

Config sheet is meant to store parameters which are subjected to change like username, password, URLs etc.

Hi @Hara_Gopal

Usually hard coding is referred to actually hard bounding of values in the code itself. If in the code, for a variable, if we provide the path in variable panel, that’s hard coding. In our case here, the config file is usually used to define such parameters which can change time to time. This way, we can change the config file easily, and we just allow the program to run without a redeployment of the work. So every time we change it will just pickup whatever its there and get the job done. So the two best options for specifying such values is either the config or as a asset value…

Both are easily accessible for a user to change. So that’s where we need to put in those stuff…