Default Value Change

Hi I need a guidance in Variable values. I need to change variable value during run-time. In result which when I rerun my project, variable with new value is to be loaded. I tried multiple ways for changing the variable values, but variable values remains same. Can anyone guide me in this?

Hi @Yuvaraj,

Use assign activity to update the value. And how you are returning the value through argument??


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What is the variable used for?

You could potentially use as Asset in Orchestrator as this is stored externally.
This could be achieved through Get / Set Asset.

When you run a process, everything is stored in virtual memory so when the process stops that gets cleared.

Hi @arivu96 . By Using assign activity the value of any variable gets changed in runtime. But it is not actually stored as default value. Therefore, while executing the same sequence variable with old value only gets into the memory. Not the new one.

@TimK Is there any other way of changing variable value in local other than using Orchestrator?

You can change the value stored in the default region by changing the specific field directly in the .xaml of the workflow without Orchestrator. Read the xaml as a text file and modify the region which contains your variable. This region is usually in the first few rows.

A workaround could be to store that value in a database (if you have access) or store it in an Excel file somewhere so that it can be retrieved by the next run.