Default username and password after .msi installation for Orchestrator 2018.2

I just installed orchestrator on a Windows Server 2016 using the .msi installer, but I am having issues performing the first-time login: I’ve tried the username “admin” and password “890iop”, which I found in similar topics in this forum, but these do not work anymore and there is no documentation on which credentials to use for the first login to an orchestrator not connected to AD.

Can someome give me some hints ?

Thanks and kind regards

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answering here for all other users that might be in my same situation: I solved uninstalling UIPath completely and reinstalling it after checking that all pre-requisites from the “installation prerequisites” documentation page were satisfied.

Be sure to configure, during installation, the application pool to use a local machine Administrator account to autrhenticate.

The username and passwords are:
tenant: leave it blank
username: admin
password: 890iop