Default type of the transaction item variable in the main workflow

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I have a question regarding the default type of the transaction item variable in the main workflow.
I thought it was a string but that seems to be wrong.
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If you are using orchestrator queues then you have declare transactionItem is of type ‘QueueItem’.

If you are processing dataTable then we have to declare Datarow type. Because we are taking one by one row from dataTable and will process it.

It’s all depends on Type of TransactionData you are taking for processing. Based on that you have to declare transactionItem type.


May I know what type of data you are taking to process ?

I am using the framework template, in the main workflow.
not clear on QueueItem? what kind of variable is this?
is it what is in the Queue in the orchestrator?


Refer below thread:

What is your input data ?

Thanks. I think I got it now

Queue is a group of transactions.

The data type is based on transaction

So the invoice numbers are considered what type of data?

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Are you reading this invoice numbers from Excel file ?

If yes, then TransactionData is of type DataTable and transactionItem is of type dataRow.

I am reading it from database.
Is it the same as if it was from excel.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

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