Default Tenant got Disabled Automatically - Not able to enable it


My Default Tenant “Rohith_Prabhu” was disabled by system in UiPath Automation Cloud Community License. And when i click on Enable under Admin Tab it just shows “Updating” and not proceeding further.

@uipath cloud support doesn’t accept this request as this is cloud community license.

Can some one please help me in resolving this issue.


Rohith Prabhu


Same issue i am facing … can someone from uipath help on this @loginerror

Hi @Vijay_RPA @rohith.prabhu

Are you sure you used the Cloud Support form to contact support?

Hello @loginerror,

Yes i have used the same link for support. It asks for Support Id and upon validating the ID, it say’s Cloud community license issues cannot be raised here provides link of forum.

Please help to resolve the issue.

Hello @loginerror,

I too have the same issue and the same exact audit log entry !.



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Thanks for pointing it out, our team is investigating.

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@Pablito here mentioned the screenshots for the issue please find

Hello everyone,

Disabling tenants by system (and the corresponding audit entry) happens in the following situation:

  • when an Enterprise Trial expires, we demote the cloud organization to the Community Plan
  • If more licenses are allocated to tenants than allowed by the Community Plan, or multiple tenants were created during trial (Community plan allows for one tenant only), we disable the tenants to release the extra licenses that are granted solely during the Enterprise Trial time frame.
  • then an admin should be able to enable back one tenant, in the limits allowed by the Community plan

This is mentioned in our documentation under the Enterprise Trial section in this page and as well in the Trial Expiration email that we are sending.

Please let us know:

  • if you are experiencing this issue in a scenario outside the one outlined above
  • if you are experiencing issues in enabling back one tenant as permitted by the Community plan

(I’ve seen some

Looking fwd to understand better what you are experiencing and how we can help you to continue your automation journey :slight_smile:

LE: I’ve seen the above print screens showing the tenant enabling is failing. We are investigating what may be causing the issue.
Please confirm if the problem resulted post a downgrade from Trial to Community.

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Dear @Raisa_Bragarea,

Looks like my Enterprise Trial License got expired on 16th Oct and Demoted to Community License :

As i am Admin to My Tenant but I’m not able to Enable it. (Status is still in Updating State)

Where as i can access the Orchestrator but Licenses are not allocated to use it:

How can i Enable my Tenant ??


Hello there :slight_smile:

We have investigated this further and identified several accounts that are experiencing this issue.

First, I want to apologize for the inconveniences created.
Secondly, to let you know that we are working on a fix as we speak. Once that is completed, based on the state of each affected tenant, one of 2 things will happen:
-tenant will be automatically enabled and properly working
-full tenant will be disabled again and you’d be able to enable it back, this time for good.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


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