Default Packages Settings not saving between sessions

Here’s the scenario:

  1. Run Studio
  2. Go to Settings page
  3. Turn on “Official” packages feed ( as available upon install)
  4. Do some stuff in studio
  5. Close Studio
  6. Re-open Studio
  7. Go to settings page

Official feed is unselected again.

So… how to I get that to persist between sessions?

Hi, for me it was saved… 2019.12.0-beta.61

Well… beta is not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m running 2019.10.1 right now. The fact that it saved for you doesn’t help me much. Was hoping someone had more details as to why it DIDN’T save for me so I can correct this.

that was meant as a test so you know there is an issue with your version… you can open support ticket so they can identify and confirm if this is a bug and will be fixed in next release…

As a former software tester… it’s not a valid test. You’re running a beta version in a potentially different environment. A test of whether or not it is an issue in my version is if it can be reproduced. You have not reproduced.

so… question remains. Anyone else have this problem in the version listed? If so, how did you resolve, if it was resolved?