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I have an Orchestrator which is setup with two Organization Units. When I deploy a package from Orchestrator it is obvious in which unit it will run. But what happens when I am developing a flow in the studio and start it there? The assets and queues of which Organization Unit will be used?

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I don’t understand this.

You can’t run the bots in studio when a bot is running in Orchestrator. Both Orchestrator and studio uses the machine name to run the workflow. So you can’t run two bots at the same time with a single machine. If your orchestrator is connected to someother machine and running a bot, then you can develop and run the bot in studio. One more thing is, the QUEUES and ASSETS will be added to the orchestrator when it is connected to the machine in the system tray.

Hope this is clear @WardCornette

Thanks for your reply.

The flows via Orchestrator run on a different machine and bot so I can start my flows from the Orchestrator during development. This is a question purely about “Organization Units”. When you start a flow in Orchestrator you know in which Organization Unit you start it but my question is:

“If I start a flow from the studio (linked to an Orchestrator with two Organization Units) in which Organization Unit will it run? So the assets and queues of which Organization Unit are used?”

I don’t see in option in Studio to select an Organization Unit …

I hope you understand the question.

yes we can do that it seems @WardCornette

I never tried it :slight_smile:

But we have clear documentation about it :

Thanks again for your answer but still I didn’t get an answer to my question. When I start a flow from a Studio linked to an Orchestrator with two Organization Units, each Organization Unit has its own Assets and Queues so it is important to know: in which Organization Unit (and thus which Assets and Queues) will the flow execute ?

Hello, I have this same problem right now. Did anyone get an answer to this question?

How do we know/set which Organization Unit’s Assets will the Get Asset activity get its value from when we run the robot from Studio?


After some time I discovered the solution myself. This is determined when declaring your development license in the Orchestrator. So when your development license is in Organizational Unit A then the Assets and queues of this unit will be used.

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Will try this. Thank you!

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