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Hi guys
just want to check .i am going for uipath associate certification soon . i am confuse with one question that by default the tesseract ocr engine is used but if we check in studio it uses Microsoft OCR ? which one is correct pls help …thank you

Hi @sunny_singh , Google OCR (Teseract) is the default OCR engine. You need to configure OCR engine for all OCR activities including Document Understanding process as well. Tesseract is free and hence easily available and most used along with Omnipage . Uipath screen and document OCR, are good but have limitations unless paid. Same applies to ABBYY.
The answer to your question will be Google OCR engine which is nothing but teseract which was developed by Google.

link for image source: OCR Activities

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@sunny_singh ,
Yes you are right by default in studio MICROSOFT OCR is used. We often see different results in documentation. This is because as everyday Uipath is updating its software and do changes but they do not update their documentation accordingly.

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@nashrahkhan true i am confused as i m going for certification i wonder if i get this question which option i would go for ?

@shetanshudhar true i have read the documentation but when we use OCR engine its shows Microsoft by default … pls check …thank you

Yeah I thought the same things when I was giving my certification. But honestly speaking their questions are like more brainy ones. You have to use your brain and yes read questions carefully. Even if you know it at one time still give a second and third read before marking any option. About the theoretical questions, they are like easy ones.
I don’t know which certification you are giving but do its practice exercises. and use site for more practice.
If you need any kind of other help do let me know.

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did you clear new advance level certification ?

@sunny_singh I have cleared Uipath Associate Certification.

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great congratulations… i did my associate last week but failed i had got 67% …required is 70 % to pass … :frowning:

you have any plans for advance level ?