Dedicate an entire academy course on using the orchestrator manager package

Kudos to the authors of this fantastic and a mammoth of a tool.

Orchestrator Manager - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

The documentation does help a lot, but would be a huge service to the community if each workflow in this library could be showcased in a dedicate course. Or some basic usecases other than the one already shared on YouTube.

I do understand that as things move forward some workflows/approaches used will need to be modified. Nonetheless, I am sure many would sit down and take a course which can teach them how to manage Orchestrator effectively.

May be this could also be a part of the “Infrastructure Course”.

Thank you for your efforts and consideration!

Hi @jeevith

Interesting suggestion! :slight_smile: I do recall our Academy team working on some community-driven Academy courses.

I will point our Academy team to this topic for their consideration.