Decoding HTML tags in a Rich Text format while writing it to the PDF file

Hello Everyone,
Hope everything is good. So, I am getting output text from a process which has the HTML tags embed with it. I would like to decode these tags and append the text into a PDF file. I have seen few of removing the tags but I would like to decode those tags rather than removing. I am pasting a sample line from the input file I have. Also, any pointers to append the same text to PPT file would be much appreciated. And to put it in simple format, I need the text to be in Rich Text format.

Snippet of the input file.

Desired output in PDF file:

Funds highlights:

As of 2019-02- 25, Fund iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF has invested in Diversified Emerging Mkts category with a Total Asset value of about 57.21 bil USD. This fund was rated for 3 Years as an Above Average by Morningstar Return - IEMG.

Funds Net Asset Value:

Therefore, Fund today's NAV is $50.27 ,

Any help would be much appreciated.