Decisions, Iterations, and Scenarios in StudioX - Practice - Scenarios

This course is designed so you can also learn from your fellow learners, particularly through the forum topics.

If you need help with the Scenarios Practice, post a question as a reply below. To increase your chances of being helped, be as descriptive as possible. Include in your comment:

  • A description of your issue: when is it happening, what activity you have trouble with.
  • A screenshot of your error.
  • You can also attach your automation project.

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Nice course, UiPath is Best.

This was great practice! The Switch Activity has a fixed depth, and from what I can observe, It allows faster code execution than the If Activity. Since you don’t have to nest it, you can easily design flows for complex scenarios. Also, it is easy to debug and maintain. What a powerful activity!

A great lesson! Ever since the first example I thought of this solution to use the Switch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Switch is so useful for most of the use cases that I have.

Using Switch was a lot easier! Thanks for showing us a alternate solution.

Good platform for gaining knowledge

Finally, a practice that was seamless :hugs:

Switch went smoothly!

Why this time we start with use application the app instead of excel like previous video