Decisions, Iterations, and Scenarios in StudioX - Practice - Decisions

Hi @F_A :smiling_face: Please attach the zipped StudioX project to help us investigate this issue. Thanks!

Iterations in Automation v2021.10 (87.4 KB)
Thanks Ana, here you go! :heart_hands:

@F_A Our team is on it. Just to confirm: did you build the attached project in the 2021.10 product version or did you use another one? Thanks!

Thank you sir it help me alot

Need to use Browse for file as a note. I may try to adjust this to use For Each File in Folder so the bot will organize all files into the correct folder without selecting each file.

As others have mentioned above, Garrh’s flowchat worked. One small note, is you can actually create a second group just for the file moving to save having to copy paste it into both the then/else path’s of the first group.

The “select file” function is completely NOT helping. Every time I run the program, I am only allowed to pick ONE file to move. It is even slower then I just copy and paste it in Windows.

Besides, the final part of the robotic path is wrong - The condition for moving image files is wrong. Why is it still looking for files with PDF extension and move the PDF file to the Image folder?

That’s a typo btw.

And to answer your first question, the course is divided into three modules: decisions, iterations and scenarios. I guess you would’ve completed decisions module. The iterations module will use for each file in folder activity to move all files to their respective folders.


Running on Studio X 2023.6. So difficult. I could’t find the select file function, and now am trying to follow Garrh & DaneMacDaniel’s recommendations… and I am now encountering an issue with the Create Folder without a + sign and the only option to pick an existing folder.

I followed the original robotPath , but I used a “for each file in folder” activity instead of the “select file”, and nested all the process inside it, it works just fine.

I have the same issue. I am using StudioX 2023.6.1 Community Edition.