Decision not evaluating to true


I have created a workflow and there is a decision in which it compares two integer variables, it continually evaluates to false no matter if the two variables are equal. Below is an image off the workflow.

If anyone can see the problem or have any advice it would be much appreciated.

Hi @Massimo

what is the datatype of the variables which you used


I assign the variables as INT32 through an Assign task, and the values themselves are read from an excel spreadsheet.

True or False has to be Boolean value… not Int32.


Sorry just need to ask a question. The two integer values i evaluate are either equal or not.
Current_Week = Last_Week, both being integer numbers. How would the week numbers be Boolean?

can you use GetType method to verify that both are Integers, just for confirmation.

and if both are integers, if value is coming from excel try to use trim to remove any spaces.


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Thank you for all the help. I trimmed the values but had to eventually change the flow to a Do While which works perfectly.