Decision based on 2 images?


at the end of my sequence a program gives a list of usernames, in this case 578 - each page can only show 100 lines, I have to manually press the low button [>>] (next page) repeatedly until i am at last page, here the low button [>>] becomes grey and I can export the list. How do I get UIP to press the button until it is greyed out and the continue to next step? Should I use (find image) or (image exist) or? to select between the low button status or is there a better way?


Hi @nipha,

Use uiexplorer to get the selector.
Check aaname field may differ while in active and inactive status, so before clicking check the status of the aaname field. Using get attributes activity.

Arivu :slight_smile:


Is a Pick Activity not appropriate here? With the branches having the relevant images and setting an variable based on the image?


The aaname is identical in both active and inactive status :frowning: my workaround is to let UIP press the button 9 times (number of pages to skip vary from 3-7) so pressing 9 times will solve the problem but it does not feel right, and who knows, suddently things can change and 10 presses will be needed.


I know this is not a good answer, but once try this::grinning:
You can note down the time that takes to turn into grey, then give the delay of that much time before clicking [>>]



i think you cant go to directly to 10 page you need to navigate to all the pages, else if you have last page button you can do it.

check using UiExplorer any fields may be mismatch or additional value will come.

Arivu :slight_smile:


I have set UIP to press the button 12 times, it works and does not slow down the process more than few sec.
Thanks for all your input, it is good to have this forum, being a newbie to UIP. :slight_smile: