Debugging output variables

I’d like to know if there are a way during a debug session to show all the parameters associated to local variable.
For instance if I’m using GetAttribute or FindElement, I’d like to search for the parameters if I can for instance one of it related to the properties “selecteditem”, “visibility” or any other properties of attributes I could use

In other product, in debug mode it’s usually possible via a command line to see all variables and navigate to all parameters associated… without having to know in advance the structure of the variables…

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  1. Use Find Element and store the Element Variable as ‘ElementUi’
  2. Loop ForEach ‘Item’ in ‘ElementUi.Attributes’
  3. With the loop, Get Attribute with Attribute property as ‘Item.ToString’ and Element Property as ‘ElementUi’
  4. Store the Output of the Get Attribute as ‘Result’
  5. Write Line ‘Item.ToString + Result’

Hope it’s not too confusing. Let me know if you can’t code it. Good luck!