Debugger randomly cancelling execution

I’m working on one of the assignments in the training with UiPath Studio CE and each time I debug or run any workflow, it is randomly cancelling execution. I’m not clicking the Stop button, it’s just cancelling execution. It’s never in the same place either and is very random. Anyone else having this problem or happen to know if it is something that I am doing? Should I just re-install?


Reinstall Uipath.

Hi @anil5,

I tried that and it still didn’t work. I checked my Orchestrator settings in case that was my issue. I think it was, because everything is running okay again. For my Robot domain\username, I only entered the username. I updated to domain\username and I don’t seem to be having the issue anymore.


Yes there was some issues when you only provide Username the robot was not working, we have to provide domain\username to get it working from 2019.2


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