Debug option is grey out

Hi Guys, I am able to rin code as expected in my local and pushed changes to Git. When tried pulling code from Git i see below options are grey out, could you please help me how to fix this ?

I also see Open Main workflow optuon is missing

UiPath version : 2020.10.7


This looks like a glitch…if open workflow option is not there

Can you try restarting the system and open again please


Hi @Raj_Kumar7

You need to open a workflow if you want to debug or run file


Hi @Anil_G I have tried restarting the Studio but the issue still peesists.

Do you believe there exists any settings to set the entry point other than set as main from Project Tab of Studio ??


No…not ideally…just to confirm can you open project.json as text file and see if the entry point is set properly…there you can check it

And alternately did you try opening any xaml? Are you able to open them? And when you open are you able to see the required debug options?

And is it happening for the projects in the git folder only? Or for any project?


HI @Raj_Kumar7

In the project panel you can see the xaml which you wanted to use so double click on that xaml and you can see the debug highlighted.