Debug: Could not find a part of the path

Nothing changes! Except, manual reinstalling newest release 2022.4.0 because in my environment I am not allowed to automatically let install updates with an extention with *.msi. This is not a real problem, with version 2021.10.5 I had to do it several times; no problem.

However, I was desperately waiting for this newest release, hoping a nasty bug has been solved with using Invoke Code Activity (C#).

Install of version 2022.4 very straight forward, also following performing the same settings as I had with the previous version. Loading several projects no problem, all easy finding the project.json files. On all projects first using Analyze file option: no errors…
…however trying to run the projects through option Debug file… it builds however at the end a message about
"Could not find a part of the path ‘…’ The path mentioned is the exact same path a from where the project.json has been read to open the projects.

What is the problem?

Hi @k.vanderkamp

Have you managed to resolve this issue/ If not, could you please share more details about your environment? (if possible, please private message me an output of the image).