Dear UiPath, could we have a fullscreen "ZenMode" in Studio, please? :)

Hi there!

I would like to ask for a “Zen Mode” feature that maximizes the center panel.

Similar to e.g. Visual Studio Code’s “distraction free Zen Mode”* a similar feature in UiPath Studio would allow for easier drag&drop “refactoring”. The current implementation of a floating main panel looses foreground focus when another floating panel (e.g. Properties) is clicked.

The feature could work in such a way that top ribbon and other panels become invisible,
and only floating panels would remain on top.

I did a quick mockup as a video: Feature Request: #UiPath Studio Zen Mode - YouTube


*) Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks

I think it’s a good idea, specially in a two monitor setup, one can be used to have the Fullscreen of Studio and the other with the properties, output and other tabs

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Thank you for your suggestion @cprima, I passed it on to our Studio team to consider.

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