Dear Masters, i am new to Uipath. Need help in solving this problem

This is the string
{“phoneNumber”:“329-159-3517”,“startDate”:“September 21, 2015”,“employeeID”:“1013”}
and i need to copy phone number, start date and empid and paste in web.
Moreover, this data order is changing dynamically like this.
{“startDate”:“December 22, 2019”,“employeeID”:“1019”,“phoneNumber”:“449-667-9275”}
Help me to solve this problem.Tq

Welcome to the forum
In general your string looks like JSON and you can deserialize it and handle it like JSON

As an alternate you can do the following:

Ensure following:

we parse the JSON string into a dictionary and you can handle is as usually like:

It is showing like this

With all respect - this is the worst advise ever :-1:

The text seems to be a JSON and there are wery efficient methods how to manipulate JSON - like recommended @ppr :+1: It require a bit of .NET knowledge indeed. But that’s life with UiPath


ensure following:

Kindly note the typo Desaralize vs.
JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(Of Dictionary (of String, Object))(text)

You may try also the attached simple workflow demonstraing the basic JSON operation

WorkingWithJson.xaml (7.4 KB)


Thank u very much Peter.Its working

Sure sir, I will try.