Dealing with Value Per Robot Asset

Can you find a solution for this problem?

Suppose I have a script which will access an asset variable from the orchestrator and print its value.
Assume that that asset variable have multiple value across different Robots (Value Per robot option in orchestrator)
While the script runs in a machine it should get its asset value and print it. And if a value is not set for that machine then it should display suitable message.

Please attach XAML if possible.

@Anandhu, Not used much. Lets wait for others response too.

You need to use Get Assets enclosed within TRY_CATCH

If a bot is connected with orchestrator and provisioned in your target ASSET then,

  1. It outputs the value to a variable (Say string)
  2. Else it throws Orchestrator HTTP Exception with a message The asset is not associated...... which can be caught in catch block

Dominic :slight_smile: