Dealing with unresponsive web sites

we are dealing with a robot interacting with a web site.
Every now and then the site becomes unresponsive (or the network link quite quite slow, the result is the same), and the robot eventually times out, every time at a different step.
How would you manage this ?
I wouldn’t raise the timeout limit in every activity, because it’d be cumbersome and, above all, it’d slow down the robot when network speed is OK.
Should the robot detect the timeout, sleep for some time then start over again ?


I’d recommend wrapping your website interactions in a Try/Catch block. Catch UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException. Then if any part of the web workflow times out due to not being able to find the next element the robot will catch itself and go to that block. From there you can wait or turn the robot off or do whatever you’d like.

Keep in mind that this will catch any SelectorNotFoundException, not just ones caused by lack of website responsiveness.


if you are ‘sure’ that the website is gonna load then the TimeOutMS (dynamic wait) property is pretty handy.

If not then maybe it is best to use retry by closing all application or ending all sessions and coming up with a logic to track the session progress/workflow progress through some reporting structure. (this would require pretty robust programming)