Dealing with situations where selector is dynamic and nor relative element

Hello I just need one clarification on how to write wildcards in selector where beginning and end is not known. For example

<-webctrl aaname=‘5426 / 5166 Huoleton 4G 12kk 22,90e/kk’ innertext=‘5426 / 5166 Huoleton 4G 12kk 22,90e/kk’ parentid=‘ida’ tag=‘A’/->

In above selector only highlighted element should be used to identify selector.
I tried writing
<-webctrl aaname=’* Huoleton 4G ’ innertext=’ Huoleton 4G*’ parentid=‘ida’ tag=‘A’/->

but this is not working.

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You can use multiple wildcards as follows:
<webctrl aaname='*Huoleton 4G*' parentid='ida' tag='A' />

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Tried that but its not working. :frowning:

Are you using this selector to read an element or clicking on it .?

I’m sorry, but you will have to help us some more (things like precise error details, website to try out) before we can help you. It’s pretty tricky to go by one line of a selector alone; the double wildcard replacement I posted will work if everything else is set up correctly.

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