Dealing with multiple pages with multiple attach browser activity

Hi There,

I have a workflow which goes from one page to another after doing few operations on each of the page.

I used an ‘Attach Browser’ activity inside which all the workflow operations are performed for all the pages. However selector of this ‘Attach Browser’ activity has ‘title’ attribute which contains the title of 1st Page, whereas the title of the page keeps on changing for each of the page workflow accesses.

Even though the title of the other pages doesn’t match, the workflow continues to run and identifies all the elements from other pages successfully.

Just wondering, if there is a chance of this workflow to fail in future? Should we have an ‘Attach Browser’ activity for each of the page and split the associated activities inside each of those attach browser activity.? What should be the best practice?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Rammohan B.