Deal with next button if it is not working

Hi, Next button is not working on a website after a click on the first time, It’s working for page 1 but not for the rest of the page. So this issue from the website side they have designed in such a way.
So I on every page I have 10 records, suppose I have finished the 1-page records, I have to click on 2nd page, After finished the 2nd-page records I have to click on 3rd page, So if you see after each finishing each page records the counter of the page is increment by 1. So how to deal with this, can you please suggest. I have to click till the last page vanish.
Attached the screenshot. image

@Palaniyappan please suggest

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Even though we increment with counter the page must be accessible na
So we need to clear that first isn’t it
Cheers @balkishan


See bro, If you see 1 is not visible so this mean it’s on the page 1, But In every page I have 10 records, last page might have less records okay.
I have to click on all the link tag of page 1, Once finished for page 1 records, next is I have to click on 2 page, but here NEXT button is not working, only it’s working for 1 page not rest of the page.
So how can I increment the counter for page. like to click page 1,2,3,4 like wise, I am so confused, can you please suggest better idea.

Strange Next button is not working for all pages even if we click it manually.

Yes buddy
If next button is not working then how we will do this

In that case we need to first check with the application right
Else do we want to do for only first page

Kindly correct me if I m wrong

Cheers @balkishan

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No, bro, I have to click on all the pages records, until last page.
Each pages have 10 records. Last page might have less records.

Yesterday I have shared a similar pic. here if you see blue color text these are the kind of button tag, there I have click on this one by one and extract some info.
So this I have to do till last page.
screenshot below.

This tag link is available on all pages till last page exist.