Deal with 3 types of downloading attachment with same selectors


I am downloading 3 different attachments from the same website with same selector. One is in PDF format, 2nd is in full image form like full image display on the website and 3rd one is the attachment in small frame.
The selector is

So how to deal with all these 3 forms of attachments. Thanks

thing is you cant paste the selector here if you paste even its not visible in the post …
so either attach the screen shot of the selector or paste the selector with the escape char i.e "\your slector goes here "

Ok thank you for this useful information
here is my selector
“<html title=‘Web’ />
<webctrl id=‘ImageId’ tag=‘IMG’ parentclass=‘form-group’ parentid=‘IdArea’ />”

can you please send the screenshot of the web page where the attachments are located. Because if you want to download multiple attachments either you have to make the selector dynamic or you have to use find children activity.