Deactivation from Service UiPath Update Service during the Installation via script install


we want to install attended Robot via script in a software package.

Therefore, we use the installation via command line.
In our example the script looks like:

UiPathStudio.msi ADDLOCAL=DesktopFeature,Robot,CitrixClient,ChromeExtension CHROME_INSTALL_TYPE=POLICYOFFLINE /Q ORCHESTRATOR_URL=”example-url”

After the installation, there is the Service UiPath.Update.Service active.

We are searching for a possibility, to deativate this service during the installation.

We have also a support ticket with this topic which verifies to the documentation:

In the documentation are some examples, but no one matches with our requirements.

Do you have experience with this topic and can help with a specific script or installation way?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regrads,


Hi @sven_85,

This service cannot be deactivated in the installation, but you if you don’t setup the update policy in Orchestrator, then this service won’t do anything.


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