Deactivate specific lines in a web application

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to match some values from an excel file against a web application. If the value from the excel file does not match with the one from the line item within the webapp, then I want the BOT to exclude the line item. The exclusion can be made by ticking a checkmark, which turns to gray if deactivated (by default is active and colored with green).
If I have 10 lines per page, the bot should go through each line, verify the data as per the xls file and decide either if the line should be deactivated or not, then go to the next one and so on.



Use Read Range activity to read the excel

Use For Each row for loop into the Datatable which you generated from Read Range activity

You can use Get Text activity to get the value from Web application

You can try IF Condition with Row(“ColumnName”).ToString = “Get Text Variable”

Then-> It matches so place your logic
Else → It didn’t match, place your logic

For reference you can check below
Tutorial : How to check a string is present in Excel Sheet || Part - 1

Hope this helps you