DB connection with Service Accoount


I am using windows authentication mode to connect with DB but it needs to be connected with services account. Can someone please suggest how I can use services account in windows Authentication?

TL;DR same as with a normal account. Use the built-in connection wizard and provide the service account’s credentials.

Service accounts use the same authentication method as a normal user account, that is, a username and password. The only thing different with service accounts is that Interactive Logon is disabled through group policy for that account. This prevents someone from logging in to this user account with an interactive (desktop) session. If you provide UiPath with the service account’s username and password, it will be able to connect just as if you had passed your own credentials (assuming your account has rights to the database you want to manage).

Thanks for your reply!!
built-in connection wizard? you mean “Connect” activity?

I am using “Connect” Activity for making the connection with DB but it is not allowing me to put Service account credentials in Windows Authentication mode.
Would you please suggest?

There is a button on database activities that opens a wizard to configure your connection. However, you can modify the connection string after the fact. For example:

"Data Source=host\sqlserver;Initial Catalog=TestDb;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=username;Password=password"

Now, I am getting Connect: Login failed for user ‘bi_report_sa’. However, this account is working fine with SSMS.
Do we need to make any change to connect with Uipath?