DateVar assigned to Array - Error

Hi here is the issue in the attached screenshot. “DOI” is a type of Date Variable and FullTextArray is String Array type.


Hi @balkishan

The right side of the expression is only resulting in a string data type. Either you have to convert the right side expression to DataTime variable. Or you need to change DOI as String.

Do you need DOI to be date time variable? Are you performing and date operations on that? Like adding days to it or calculating days between dates, etc.? If you don’t then my suggestion would be to change that as String variable

@kaderms When I changed the DOI type into String It showing no error. But DOI is a date so want to make Date type. How can I achieve it?

If you don’t perform any datetime operations, then better leave it as String.

If you are performing any datetime operations, then convert the right side of your expression to DateTime.

DOI = new DateTime(arguments that fit your right side expression)

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