DateTimePicker can't control


I have to automate an VB application extracting data for a report.
My issue is that the report selection criteria is datetime values, that have to be set using DateTimePicker controls.
Can anyone give me some hints how to set the dates in those controls.
Seems that you can only type either day, month or year, not all at the same time.
How can I by sure then that the year is always highlighted first?

Thanks in advance!


I have the same problem. i have date in excel sheet and I want to insert that date in my application, but in application the date field is not editable only you can select the date from Datepicker.

So how can I select the specific date from datepicker.


I entered dates with Type Into activity in the date box, the calendar date didn’t get hilighted. I changed activity option from SimulateType to SendWindowMessages and it worked. See if it’s your problem.