DateTimeFormatInfo is not defined

Hello guys, hope u all doing good.

i am stuck with an error kindly help, i am trying to fetch month in a website for that i am using assign activity :
month=New DateTimeFormatInfo().GetMonthName(DateTime.Now.Month).ToString.Substring(0,3)

in variable month i have placed datetimeformatinfo then i replaced with string, but also i am getting following error kindly help.


Thanks inadvance

but this looks like you need a string output like this Jan, Feb,Mar…is it so
Cheers @asha_TN


i need string output

then we can try like this

or are you looking for something
Cheers @asha_TN

This logic will works sometimes and sometimes doesn’t

it will work always

yes it is working thanks @Palaniyappan

i meant for the logic which i sent :slight_smile:

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